Swipe Navigation Remote Card


Taking inspiration from the intuitive swipe navigation of the Xbox app, I’ve developed a customizable card for effortless control of your media devices. Unlike traditional remotes, touchscreens lack tactile feedback. This card empowers users to navigate their media devices by swiping in their desired direction. Tapping the blank area of the card can be configured as the equivalent of the “OK” or “Select” button on your remote.

For enhanced control, the card offers the option to include up to 12 buttons along the edges, enabling functions like power toggling, volume adjustment, and navigation shortcuts.

Note that any swipe action, button, or tap action can be configured to call any service you desire.

Find it now on GitHub, with plans for integration into HACS underway.

This is my first HA Card and is the only time I have interacted with CSS and JavaScript. Please forgive me if the quality of the code is not up to par. I am open to feature requests and suggestions to make this card better!

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