Swipe remote control

I prefer to use swipe to navigate the controls of the media players i use like apple tv and kodi and its much more convenient than looking at screen and pressing up, down, left, right, enter buttons etc.

Is it possible to use such a card in HA? I saw this example, but it seems restricted to Samsung TV

would be cool to be able to use such a card as a generic media player control card.

Up! I came here looking for this too!! :raising_hand_man:

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Yes, came here looking for this too.
Want to build a nice swipe-gestures-based HT remote in HA when/if possible.
Migrating from iRule.
Anyone has something working?

It will be nice, if app with became native, not WebView, native apps have such swipes

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Shameless self plug: GitHub - Nerwyn/android-tv-card: 📺 Android TV Remote Card (with touchpad and haptic feedback)

It’s a fork of a card that implemented the touchpad from the card in the parent post. My version is made to work with the Android TV Remote integration out of the box but it also supports remapping directional swipes and touch by remapping the direction and center keys, so with some work you should be able to use it with anything.

Here’s an example of an Apple TV config which should work: Android TV Card - A TV Card Fork for Android TV - #15 by Nerwyn

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