Switch confirmation dialog (lovelace card)

Hi guys!

I have managed to use confirmation dialog for a button in lovelace, like this

type: button
  action: toggle
    text: Are you sure you want to do it?
entity: switch.sonoff_computer_humidity

Now, I want to know how to add a confimation dialog for a swtich too, can someone please help me with this? I have this card

type: entities
  - entity: switch.sonoff_computer_humidity

Thank you in advance!

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Nobody used confirmation for switch slider? :frowning:

That is not yet supported by the standard frontend, although I agree we should add that.

In the meantime there are custom cards that can help to bridge the gap:

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Yes, I started to use this addon, it helps but it is not 100% what I wanted. Thank you!

FYI: I started a design discussion on how to handle the configuration for that, in case someone wants to chime in:


any update for switch confirmation popup?