Switch Cover/Button Mount for Original Xiaomi Wireless Switch - 3D print

I have the original round Xiaomi switches in my house, linked to HA, replacing my old light switches, and controlling smart bulbs. However I’ve never been happy with the look of them stuck next to or above the standard hard switch, and there was the added risk of someone turning the physical switch off. I couldn’t find anything to cover the standard switch that still allowed clean mounting of the button, and more importantly fitted over an Australian light switch. As a result I’ve used my very limited 3D modelling skills to create a mounting and switch cover. I used Sketchup, then exported to STL and then had them 3D printed. Im really happy with result.

FYI, most Australian light switches look like:

and the model looks like and fits like so:


Hope this helps anyone that may have a similar problem. If anyone wants the model, please let me know. FYI the rear cutout is 20mm x 20mm x 5mm. I use double sided tape to stick both the mount to the wall and the button to the mount.



Nice project!
Good call to use an existing plate to keep the glossy finish (as opposed to printing the whole plate)
@badgerhome you should have a look at this…

I really like this idea, especially in Australia where messing with the Electricity is frowned upon.
i wonder if the same could be done with the aqara square wireless switches ( i think they are a little smaller), and then you could possible get 2 or 3 of them mounted on a standard face place for those ones that have more than one switch.

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Hi OP, Parramatta HA user here, requesting your STL file, I just picked up some white PLA today just in case I needed it and I see now why I made the impulse purchase ;)))

Please send it over so I can make one for every switch in my house hahaha

Thanks for your feedback. Download the model at the thingiverse link below. Please post some pics of the finished product if you use it!

Ill print some out now !!

You should upload it to Thingiverse !

Waiting for my buttons to arrive in the mail, but looking good so far :slight_smile:

OK so ive been using it for a day with a button and it feels great, looks great, I love it!

One change I would make is, the inner square, make it a hole all the way through. saves on plastic, for both the support material and the fill itself, theres no sticky stuff on that part anyway

Thanks for your feedback. Yes that could be a good future optimisation. Ive now uploaded to thingiverse:

This is exactly what I am looking for - but the British version!

Also, how does everyone have 3D printers? Do places exist where you can just bring them a thing and be like “can you print x amount of these please?”

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Great cover. You should also make a small gap in the ring so you have a space to unlock the top of the switch when you want to replace the battery.

did you manage to perform single and doubles clicks with HA .
with HA only the long press works for me.

Did you ever find a solution similar to this?

If you’re in Australia some officeworks stores have them. Failing that look for your local makers club for hubby sensors they normally allow access to their printers just have to pay per hour which is normally only $1/h