Switch dependencies

I would like to see the option to make a switch rely on the state of another switch (like dependency of Preferences in Android).
Example: When the power outlet (switch 1) is switched off, grey out/disable the Computer switch (switch 2), as it can’t be turned on without power (dependency 1).
When the computer switch is on (and thus the power outlet), grey out the power outlet, that you don’t kill the PC when trying to take the power through switch 1.

Just a thought, but why not just create a 3rd switch (possibly a template_switch) that runs a script to turn things on/off.

Switch the 3rd switch on, and it switches on Switch 1, and sends a WOL to the computer (switch 2). Switch the 3rd switch off, and it sends a command to the computer to shut down, waits for it to power down, and then shuts off Switch 1. You can hide the first 2 switches if you don’t want all 3 on the front end.

If you just want the 2 switches, then create 2 new template switches that run scripts and set their state. The scripts can check the state of the other switch before taking an action. They can check their status of on/off and revert to the correct state if an illegal action was taken.

I don’t know your setup, but I wouldn’t put a PC behind a smart switch as there is no need in most situations. You can turn on/off a computer remotely, and PC monitors draw less than 1W in standby so a smart switch wouldn’t save power there.