Switch from hassbian to hass.io

Switching from hassbian to hass.io which files inside the actual /home/homeassistant/.homeassistant
folder i can copy over the new /config folder of hass.io to get the same i actually have in hassbian?

literally all of them

So only need to copy /home/homeassistant/.homeassistant folder to the hass.io /config folder? Included the hidden files like .storage/ and .cloud/ ?

Yes. Your entire home assistant configuration is in that directory. The .storage directory contains all your auth, entity registry, and lovelace config. The .cloud directory is for nabucasa.

I would recommend deleting the .db file if home assistant doesn’t start. Most of the time that db file is not transferrable, but sometimes you can get lucky.

So then i must create a token with the same name and password i am using now on hassbian, as it is stored inside /.storage ? Or i don’t need it?

if you copy the entire directory, including the hidden files, there’s no need to create anything more. Everything will work as it previously worked

copy everything over. it will be like you never switched.

Ok, thanks to all for the help!