Switch in config generates warning 2023.6


in my config I use this switch, which works fine. After update to 2023.6 I get a warning, but I don´t really understand what to do

# Schalter
  - platform: command_line
        command_on:   "/usr/bin/curl -X GET http:/"
        command_off:  "/usr/bin/curl -X GET http:/"
        friendly_name: Schalter WWP

This is the warning

Die Konfiguration der Kommandozeile switch mittels YAML wurde verschoben.

Konsultiere die Dokumentation, um deine YAML-Konfiguration auf den Integrationsschlüssel zu verschieben, und starte Home Assistant neu, um dieses Problem zu beheben.

Maybe sb can give me advice where I should put my config now

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Read the release notes breaking change:

Then look at the new configuration format here

If you still need help search the forum. There are many posts on this topic.

THX, I did not realize this.