Switch IOS Companion App Server

The new multi-server support in the IOS companion app is great. However, although the 3 finger swipe works for switching servers I find it a little hard to use. Is there a way to switch servers via HA and Lovelace. I would like to use location to switch (ie default to the server based on when I am at that home) and via the Lovelace interface so that I could select the other location if desired.


Easier ways to switch servers is definitely on my radar, these gestures were late shortcuts added for it, but not the final desired state.

For now there are a few ways to switch between servers easily:

  • 3-finger swipe-up may be easier than left/right. This pulls up the list of servers.
  • The “Open Page” Widget can be edited (long press, choose edit) to show e.g. 2 pages, 1 for each server.
  • Separate app icon per server with a Shortcuts.app Shortcut executing an “Open Page” Shortcut. Choose “Add to Home Screen” when configuring the Shortcut.
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Thanks for the great work Zac,

I am using the separate icon per server now, just requires the user to know which one to choose. The 3 finger swipe works fine for an admin who understands what the servers are, but for a user who doesn’t care/know about the back end stuff, automatically switching based on either location or SSID would be awesome.

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Did anyone find a better solution on this one?

I would like to add a button on my dashboard that allows me to switch between my 2 servers.
In a browser a URL button is working just fine, but would be nice if it could be opened in the same page.

For the app, i have not found a solution that doesn’t need to set something up on the iPhone. I hoping there is a solution that only requires Home Assistant.
Looked through the Services to see if there was a call.service change server, but couldn’t find anything that looks like it suits my needs. :slight_smile:

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I’d very much like to do this too. Surprised to see it not talked about here. Going to the sidebar, then the companion app, and then the right submenu is awkward. I’d like to just have a button on a dashboard which switches me.

I am switching daily between servers, it would save lot’s of time when I could add a switch from the dashboard ! So also other people can switch.

I have a Pixel , no 3 finger swipe possible.
I also can not find article about Android, only this article about the apple IOS.

maybe best option for the future: adding a Android Widget so it can force start a specific server?

I anyone has a way to switch fast from server on a Google Android Pixel, please let me know.

thank you.


Zac, it has been a while since this thread was started. Have you had any success in new ways to switch servers, preferably via a Lovelace UI element that we can put on a dashboard?