Switch issues

I am using groups (not light group) to add lights and switches to these groups. However when I toggle the group, I noticed that most of the time the switches are not triggered and only the lights that receive the trigger.
Am I missing something or anyone experienced this before?

could you shows us the group

and please format correctly

mite just be the wrong indenting ?? (been there done that)

Thanks for the reply, here is the group:

First Floor:
    - light.kitchen1
    - light.kitchen_2
    - light.kitchenhueroom
    - light.front_lights_2
    - light.entrance
    - switch.front_lights_1
    - switch.patioswitch
    - light.hue_corner_light
    - light.living_room
    - switch.dining_room

I’d say that if it was a group issue, the behavior would be consistent, e.g., the switches would never toggle.
Maybe look for another issue with the switches…

I will try to change it from a switch to a light and test it.