Switch leg only switch rewire and utilization

All the fan/lights in my bedrooms are ran with three wires coming into the switch with the common joined in the fan/junction box in the ceiling. So the switch is just breaking the live wire. All the switches are 2 gang with one going to the fan, and one going to the light. Three wires come into the switch box: hot, return for hot(fan) and red wire to light. The hot is jumped between the fan and the light. I’ve put in remote control fans in two bedrooms, leaving one of the two switches doing nothing. Due to this wiring configuration smart switches are not an option (Sonoff T1). Here is my question, Can I use the return leg of the three wire set coming into the switch box as a common? Instead of it being the return line, connect it to the common in the ceiling, and use the hot and now common to power the T1, with the red wire being my switch line?

If wire runs back to ceiling box you may use as you want. I believe yes.

Your Plan is
-black wire to switch hot
-white wire to switch common
-red wire From Light to switch
-connect light common in ceiling

This would provide Hot/common to smart switch as required and hot return to light as needed.

Is there also a ground?

Yes, this is my plan exactly. I’ll take my time with a multimeter and verify everything before I try this. Yes, there is a bare ground in the conduit coming into the switch box.

Should be fine…

That’s what I thought. Just wanted to post here to make sure I didnt get a “good luck not burning down your house” comment.

Right. And good luck not burning down your house😁