Switch light MQTT brigtness flow


I was wondering if there is any way, to enable the publish every second, of the brigtness level when moving its scrollbar.
The same as when you move through the color selection without unclicking the color.
What I mean is seeing how light increases or decreases its brightness as you move the finger through the brigtness scrollbar.

Any idea?

Kind regards

When you adjust a light’s brightness slider, in the Lovelace UI, the moment you release the slider is when the new brightness value is transmitted to the physical light. It does not transmit brightness commands while the slider is increased/decreased.

I believe you want the brightness values to be transmitted while the slider is increased/decreased.

I may be wrong but I think the only way to do this is with an input_number, to represent the brightness, and an automation. The automation would be triggered by the input_number and use mqtt.publish service to publish the received brightness value to the light’s command_topic.

Nope! I take that back.

In the Lovelace UI, an input_number behaves the same way as a light’s brightness slider. It only transmit its value when you stop adjusting the slider and release the slider’s thumb control. It does not transmit the values while you are adjusting the slider.