Switch lock

I use a fair number of energy monitoring outlets simply to track energy use. But they have a switch, and that switch is presented in the UI and can be accidentally turned off. Would it make sense to implement a protection feature for a switch that would require a separate action to disable/enable the use of the switch?
I’m envisioning a service call switch.lock_action (or some such) that would be called to disable a switch and switch.unlock_action to enable it.
with this in effect if I accidently click the switch or even add it to an automation, I would receive an error saying the action is currently lockled.

The HACs custom button card has a lock feature. Although I don’t think this is the part of the UI you are referring to.

It sounds like you mean under devices & services part of the UI.

Not exactly what you asked for but the toggle action for entities can have a confirmation dialogue pop-up defined. e.g. “Are you sure?”.



+1 from me - and you should vote for your own FR. I use an energy monitoring switch connected to my router and PC that runs everything. I would not be happy with myself if I turned this off. I would probably do it in Dev Tools thinking it’s another switch, because at times I am that dumb.

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