Switch Node State Change everytime HA restart (Node-RED Integration)

I have problems after update HA websocket Node-RED pallete,everytime i start or restart home assistant,my switches states keep turning on ( True).
before updating node,its just fine
here is my configuration, im using MQTT and there i disabled retain messages too

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I have the same problem.
all my switches are on after reboot

are you facing this issue lately?
i facing this issue since week ago and have not found any solution

No it seems like it was only after an update 1-2 weeks ago

i solved this by updating pallete again after new update released, its kind a bug from node i think,
now it seems working perfectly as it should be!
now the switches keeping its states when restart/reboot/starting HA.

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same with me,check my latest reply

Great news.
I tested it and the error seems to be gone

After upgrade to Core 2023.7.1 all switches created on Node Red lose their state after HA restart (they all became On). It happens only with a HA restart ā€“ a Node Red restart does not affect the switches.

Update node-red-contrib-home-assistant-websocket in the palette manager of node-red. There is a bugfix in version 0.51.1

Solved it. Thank you very much

Iā€™m still running into this and it looks like the websocket palette Iā€™m using is 0.53.1