Switch on a group with valve-entities

I created a group with only valve-entities.

  name: ZV Woonkamer
    - valve.zv_eetkamer_midden
    - valve.zv_eetkamer_raam
    - valve.zv_zithoek_midden
    - valve.zv_zithoek_raam

In my automations I use this as an action:

      - service: valve.open_valve
          - group.zv_woonkamer

Working as it should.

In Lovelace I have this:

  - type: entities
    show_header_toggle: false
    title: Woonkamer group
      - entity: group.zv_woonkamer

when toggled, this results in an error in the logfiles (and the toggle remains ‘off’)

The service homeassistant.turn_on does not support entities valve.zv_eetkamer_midden, valve.zv_eetkamer_raam, valve.zv_zithoek_midden, valve.zv_zithoek_raam

What I’m I doing wrong? Any ideas?