Switch Pi GPIO via Node Red not ok, via HA Dashboard ok?

i´m still at the beginning using HA and Node Red. I´m at a point where i like to use Node Red for small automations.

Where I am currently failing is the physical switching of relays that are connected to the Pi. In the HA Dashboard I manage to switch the two relays back and forth. When I use Node Red, the relays switch in the flow, but not physically.
Is it somehow because I have installed rpi_gpio in the configuration under custom components and declared the GPIOs in configuration.yaml?
I have attached some screenshots.

Thank you

Answers are also welcome in German :slight_smile:

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The gpio is already setup in HA. You do not need to do the same thing in nodered. Your entry should have create entities switch.pv_vorladen and switch.victron_battery_protect. In node red use a call service node to turn those switches on and off.

that´s it! Thank you very much