SWITCH.SNMP issues with new updates

Followed this guide here years ago and has been working flawless until sometime in the last week it appears.

I did a restore and have confirmed that it worked when I installed core_2022.4.7 last week. No changes or integrations since that point. Just core 5.1 - 5.2 & Now 5.3.

I keep getting the alert after a restart
“Starting switch.snmp, not everything will be available until it is finished”

Stays there for 5 min or so then finally fails and doesn’t work. Interesting enough on my automations it still sends the command and works correctly but in the GUI it never updates any status and appears to have no connection to the PDU. All entities

If you haven’t found it yet, there’s an open issue:

Thank you for helping find this. I was looking under the wrong switch snmp and not thinking about sensor. Thanks