Switch to Light Entity Change


I see there’s been some threads on this topic, however I’m not sure how to go about making an entity change and am turning to the group for help.

I have a “TopGreener Dimmer” wall switch running Tasmota 10.1.0. It shows up in Home Assistant as the entity switch.basement_stairs. I believe in order to use the dimmer feature I need to change the entity from “switch.basement_stairs” to “light.basement_stairs” then install the appropriate card to control the on / off and dimmer functions.

Can someone please guide me as to how to do this? Is it done within Tasmota, a special entry into my configuration.yaml file or where / how?

Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.

Maybe in tasmota setoption 30
Is this the dimmer?

Yup… that’s the correct dimmer.
Setting “setoption30 1” changed the entity from switch.basement_stairs to light.basement_stairs. I’m now working my way through the dimmer ranges. Thanks for the help.