Switch with ON/OFF/AUTO?

Hey everyone, does anyone know if there is a way in hass to have a 3 position switch, like on/off/auto?

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Input Select?

thanks, I’ll have to work with that one, if there is no other option. Tho it`s funny how home assistant wants to be home automation without an AUTO option

For anyone that might search for the same thing, I ended up using a cover and changed the icons from the main html
sed -i.bkp 's|paper-icon-button icon="mdi:arrow-up|paper-icon-button icon="mdi:lightbulb-on|; s|paper-icon-button icon="mdi:stop|paper-icon-button icon="mdi:brightness-auto| ; s|paper-icon-button icon="mdi:arrow-down|paper-icon-button icon="mdi:power|' /usr/local/lib/python3.4/dist-packages/homeassistant/components/frontend/www_static/frontend.html

It is very strange that the automation does not have such a switch with such modes. This is the basis!
We need a switch with three states (“three state switch”) ON/OFF/AUTO (or ON/OFF/DEFAULT) with sequential switching.
The use of “Input Select” is not convenient.
How about add “three state” options to the base class of “Input Boolean” or make new class “three state select” or add “fast select” options in “Input Select”?


Three years later … I ran into the same problem, trying to switch a fan ON/OFF or have it automated by AUTO. Three-state switches would be nice.

All the workarounds feel extremely cumbersome, and I’m currently “fighting” against my own automation, always correcting what the automation thinks is right.

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