Switch without a real device

Hello guys,

To better understand how Home Assistant work, I’d like to create an Entity, which is just an On/Off switch that I can control from the UI. So, it’s not a real device, but actually a UI control. If the switch is turned on, it sends a turn-on signal to Home Assistant. I want to have a another UI view that listens for the switch change to make a lamp on or off, or send an email or whatever.

So first, I want simply create a UI control with a on/off switch.
Second, another view that listens to the on/off switch.

How can I achieve that?

What I know until now is that I can add a switch in Configuration.yaml something like this:
platform: view_control
entity id: switch.view.manual.control

But I guess it’s too naive to think like that.

I hope you can help.

Input Boolean.


Thank you for your respond.
If you can provide me some more info that would be nice. But thank you anyway.


Thnx friend! What a community :muscle:t4:

Pretty much does exactly what you describe.

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