Switch won't change state

Hi fellow devs,

I’m working on my first dev effort with HA building a custom component. I’m trying to create the room domain so I can define rooms in my house.

I want my integration to add a switch entity and I was able to achieve that but whenever i turn_on or turn_off seems that nothing happens. The state never changes and the switch slider comes back to the previous position.

I’ve tested that is_on works by hardcoding a value.

I’ve tried adding log entries on turn_on and turn_off but they don’t seem to work. Not sure if my implementation is wrong (if every switch must be added as a platform or anything). Any advice is heavily appreciated.

A little more background, custom_components/room/__init__.py defines the ‘room’ DOMAIN.
My logs shows no errors.

Switch creation code:

def setup(hass, config):
    switch_component = EntityComponent(_LOGGER, SWITCH_DOMAIN, hass)
    switch_entities = []
            RoomPresenceHoldSwitch(hass, room_id, name)

Switch code:

class RoomPresenceHoldSwitch(SwitchDevice, RestoreEntity):
    def __init__(self, hass, room_id, name):
        """Initialize the presence hold switch."""

        self._room_id = ENTITY_ID_FORMAT.format(room_id)
        self.hass = hass
        self._name = f"Presence Hold ({name})"
        self._icon = 'mdi:car-brake-hold'
        self._state = None
        self._attributes = {}

    def name(self):
        """Return the name of the device if any."""
        return self._name
    def device_state_attributes(self):
        """Return the attributes of the switch."""
        return self._attributes

    def is_on(self):
        """Return true if presence hold is on."""
        return (self._state == STATE_ON)

    def icon(self):
        """Return the icon to be used for this entity."""
        if self._icon is not None:
            return self._icon
        return None

    def turn_on(self, **kwargs):
        """Turn on presence hold."""
        self._state = STATE_ON

    def turn_off(self, **kwargs):
        """Turn off presence hold."""
        self._state = STATE_OFF