SwitchBot and Bluetooth - How is this working?

If I don’t have a Bluetooth device configured on my Raspberry Pi nor do I have it configured (or that I know of), how are my switchbot blinds working???

I’m not using a Switchbot hub, but have SwitchBot Bluetooth configured on HA - so how is HA talking to SwitchBot Tilt Blinds???

Is there a way to figure out which device on my network SwitchBot Tilt Blinds are communicating with?

could my raspberry pi be whats connecting them to HA?

Which Raspberry pi do you have, it should have built-in Bluetooth and HA would it installed the Bluetooth integration by default.

As @randomsnack mentioned, Pis have built-in BT that it could be using. Also, it’s possible you have a BT Proxy enabled and aren’t aware: for instance, some Shellys can act as BT Proxies (although the Shellys can’t do an active connection, which the blinds require, it’s possible there are other similar products you have that do).

Today I installed and configured ESP BLE Proxy in HA, but I don’t see any new devices showing up after I set it up in ESPHome see → Keep connection between ESP32 bluetooth proxy and switchbot - #15 by duemes

any ideas?

I thought you said your blinds were already setup and being controlled in HA?

They were using the Bluetooth adapter That’s on the raspberry pi. sometimes some of my blinds would not open or close because the HA too far away. so today I got an ESP 32 board flashed it with Bluetooth, but I thought the SwitchBot blinds would have shown up as a new device but they aren’t

If they’re not a new device to HA, they won’t show up as a ‘new device’ after you setup a BT Proxy, because they already exist and are integrated; the BT Proxy effectively just expands your BT range, HA doesn’t treat devices it connects to via it any differently.

So how do I ensure that the bluetooth proxy, that I installed today, the SwitchBot blinds will use??

Originally the SwitchBot blinds were being controlled using the SwitchBot Bluetooth integration, so I’m wondering if I need to migrate it to the Bluetooth proxy

You don’t, HA decides what method to communicate with them via (presumably whichever has better signal strength).

You also need active connections enabled on your BT Proxy for it to work with the blinds:

  active: true

After I sent my last message, I enabled the Bluetooth integration (which was from Raspberry Pi Bluetooth) and 3 out of the 4 Switchbot devices showed up - I didn’t see my 4th. After I configured the BLE Proxy in HA and physically installed it in my house - overnight the last blind was found in HA. Everything seems to be working as expected now
Crossing my fingers