Switchbot Blind Tilt via Matter Question (can no longer close up)

I’m using Homeassistant to control my Blind Tilt devices. I had them connected via the Switchbot integration in Homeassistant and I was able to control as follows…
100%=closed up
0%=closed down
(using set_cover_tilt_position).

I’ve switched to Matter control in Home assistant and now it controls as follows…
N/A=closed up
0%=closed down
(using set_cover_position).

Why is the switchbot integration controlling differenty from the matter integration for my blinds?
Does set_cover_tilt_position and set_cover_position work differently?
I tried to use set_cover_tilt_position and “tilt_position” with matter but it throws an API error so I had to use set_cover_position and “position” to get the blinds moving.
I’ve seen to template stuff for the cover entity but I don’t think it will fix not being able to close up with matter control.

Any insight would be welcome - thanks

Note: I switched to matter control because I believe that the Switchbot integration is controlling via bluetooth and I wanted HA to talk via matter to the switchbot hub, then the hub (which is closer to the blinds) can do the bluetooth to the blinds.


I was hoping this would be addressed as well. The tilt needs a blinds template

Between this problem and Matter only being able to handle 6 devices makes it useless.