SwitchBot curtain grouped stopped working after 2022.10


Short story, after introducing Bluetooth integration I changed from esp32-driven SwitchBot usage to HA native. At the very beginning, all was a little glitchy but it is OK for new staff. Later everything worked fine till update 2022.10 (currently both available updates). :grinning:

Now it opens and closes only one side of grouped Curtain like it was a single one. Nothing changed in my setup and nothing related in logs, just it works with one (primary) side. :man_shrugging:

Any ideas on how to fix that? :wink:
Thank you!

There’s a fix in 2022.10.3 for double sided operation, that should sort it installed and both open when open left side curtain again

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Thank you!
Yes latest update (2022.10.03) fixed my issue.

I’m running 2 x Switchbot Curtains, and everything was running well and integrated properly with HA 10.03. Randomly, one of the sides was not calibrated correctly, and proceeded with removing and pairing and upgrading the Switchbot firmware to 4.6. Then re-integrating back with HA.

Now I’m having an issue where the 2 Switchbots in HA - one for one side, the other for both curtains calibrated, only the 1 side Switchbot is responsive, the other is hit or miss by being controlled via HA.

Anyone run into this?