Switchbot Curtain

Wondering if anyone have the Switchbot Curtain and integrated with HA? Their site says it will restock in Sept due to covid-19.


Those of us who did the Kickstarter are still waiting… So, I would say not yet?

Ah. so Shipment for kickstarter promo in April didn’t fall through.

Yah know, just the usually… Manufacturing issues in China, Global Pandemic, Kickstarter Campaign missing expected dates, the usually…


Just got mine… Not sure what I should be doing with it yet… I tried the switchbot integration, just typing in the mac addresses for the hub mini and the switchbot curtain, but none worked. They promised it would be accessible via an API using the hub mini and bluetooth directly via a project on guthub here, but I don’t see much in the project specific to the curtain.

Cool. My amazon is keep pushing the date of release up. It is now set at 9/22 release date. Hope the curtain can be integrated with HA. The switchbot Bot seems to be broken with HA atm from reading some posts.

I just received mine today. Will first of all try to see if I’m able to mount it and have it manage my curtains. Anybody knowledgeable in integrations that has also got theirs? I really don’t even know where to start from…

So I asked them via kickstarter whether the open API was ready and they said they are still working on it… I’d encourage you all to ask the same to show the interest we have in it and give them some inspiration to get it done :wink: . I guess this is staying in the box for now…

I’ve opend a topic on there FB page. Like / comment if you want =) https://www.facebook.com/groups/SwitchBotVIP/permalink/675870366665128/

I tried the switchbot integration, just typing in the mac addresses for the hub mini and the switchbot curtain, but none worked.

None worked as in it didn’t pass the Configuration validation?

No it let me configure it, I just couldn’t do anything with the devices after they were configured. Switch simply didn’t work.

I see. I had issue with the Switchbot Bot where it doesn’t pass Configuration validation (check just keeps spinning). Fixed it now. Just had to restart HA.

Any update on this?
I just received my set of curtains this morning.
I can add them using the switchbot switch integration but that only lets me move the curtain in very small steps, so that’s not really useful :upside_down_face:

Switchbot just updated their github and added Curtain support :slight_smile:

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Nice! Noob question perhaps; do I need the hub to connect or?

I am assuming HA has not integrated the switchbot curtain yet? Though, there is a switchbot integration for the bot device. It has stopped working for me for some odd reason. Just will not connect anymore. That is my second issue. The first was that the bot was just out of range to HA and it seldom wouldn’t connect when it was working.

I have found an alternative method to connect the bot and with an added bonus, this person also wrote up the code for the curtain. I can confirm the bot is working, but the author and I cannot confirm if the curtain is working since we do not have the curtain device.
The downfall to this is that you will need to set this up on a second OS if your HA is on a docker install. I install it on a rpi3.

The official python library appears to have had the curtain support added at the end of last week, has anyone tried to do anything with it yet?

I got a simple implementation that is working on top of current switchbot implementation. Here is the code https://github.com/alextud/ha-switchbot-curtain

For me, switchbot curtain is at some distance from the HA and sometimes it fails to connect.


This is very interesting! I suppose you still need a SwitchBot Hub for this to work?

Nice one, just installed through HACS and it totally works! Please consider submitting to HACS so it’s easier for people to discover