Switchbot Curtain

Any update on this?
I just received my set of curtains this morning.
I can add them using the switchbot switch integration but that only lets me move the curtain in very small steps, so that’s not really useful :upside_down_face:

Switchbot just updated their github and added Curtain support :slight_smile:

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Nice! Noob question perhaps; do I need the hub to connect or?

I am assuming HA has not integrated the switchbot curtain yet? Though, there is a switchbot integration for the bot device. It has stopped working for me for some odd reason. Just will not connect anymore. That is my second issue. The first was that the bot was just out of range to HA and it seldom wouldn’t connect when it was working.

I have found an alternative method to connect the bot and with an added bonus, this person also wrote up the code for the curtain. I can confirm the bot is working, but the author and I cannot confirm if the curtain is working since we do not have the curtain device.
The downfall to this is that you will need to set this up on a second OS if your HA is on a docker install. I install it on a rpi3.

The official python library appears to have had the curtain support added at the end of last week, has anyone tried to do anything with it yet?

I got a simple implementation that is working on top of current switchbot implementation. Here is the code https://github.com/alextud/ha-switchbot-curtain

For me, switchbot curtain is at some distance from the HA and sometimes it fails to connect.


This is very interesting! I suppose you still need a SwitchBot Hub for this to work?

Nice one, just installed through HACS and it totally works! Please consider submitting to HACS so it’s easier for people to discover

Very cool!
It’s working like a charm directly from a Raspberry Pi 3 to the Curtain.

I’m also wondering if this is needed. Anyone?

How did you get your MAC address? I’m struggling with this bit.

You don’t need the hub. This integration can talk directly to the Curtain

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You can find it in the SwitchBot app (I’m using Android, so this is for the Android version of the app).
Open the settings of your Curtain -> Press the 3 dots in the top right corner.
There it will show your MAC.

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Amazing thank you! How did I not see this lol.

How are you finding the BLE range on the RPi?

It seemed to be fine in my limited testing today, though there is only 4 meters between the Curtain and the Pi with some drywall in between.
I’ve yet to order a new set of Curtains for my living room, which is almost 10 meters away.
Time will tell :slight_smile:

thank you @alextud . the custom component working perfectly… HassOS on Pi4

didnt even know my Pi4 had bluetooth onboard… it was sitting inside a security/alarm metal box. i had to open the alarm box for it work… which means ill have move the Pi4 outside the security box in future for reliable operation.

i thought switchbox curtain was going to be a bit gimmicky. but it’s not. I’m really impressed with the switchbox curtain engineering and build quality. The soft touch open/close feature makes for perfect old school operation. I even have a 3 year old tugging on the curtain while in operation and it seems to cope and return to it’s calibrated position. not sure how it’s getting back to its calibrated position after being manually moved around so much… but it does.

if anyone is interested - i have the U-rail model… and on IKEA VIDGA single curtain track… 3 meters wide… with a very heavy (not IKEA) curtain. seems like a good combination so far

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Works like a charm ! thanks for developing this custom component :slight_smile:

This looks great! What a fantastic community! Is there likely to be an integration that works with the hub too? I run my HA in a VM so no bluetooth connectivity at the moment, I could get a dongle, but before I do I was just curious. I have bought a switchbot bot and a couple of “thermostats” too, so would be interested in the whole ecosystem.

As an aside, I love my curtain bots and they work surprisingly well!



Okay, so first of all, I want to thank @alextud that got the Curtain working. Now it is truly amazing!
One thing that I spent some time on was that the logs kept throwing something related to switchbot module not being found. I added this in my configuration.yaml to load the SwitchBot integration:

  - platform: switchbot
    mac: 'MAC_ADDRESS'
    name: 'Test'

and, suprisingly, it started working! Now I removed this Test switch but I am not sure if the error will not re-appear later… Does someone now how to correctly import the switchbot module?

Secondly, if it was not for @morles82, I wouldn’t have set up this SwitchBot device… Because my curtains did not fit the SwitchBot, however inspired by you, I ran to my local IKEA and bought VIDGA… Which turned out to be perfect.

Thank you very much guys! :slight_smile:


Hi! Could you please help me. I am brand new to this and do not know how to install it. I have installed HACS through a youtube video tutorial but am unsure how to add this code into my config file.