Switchbot Fingerbot on HA to alexa?

New to Home Assistant and I just found out that there are some bluetooth devices that can be integrated to HA using bluetooth even without its own hub. First thing came to my mind is Switchbot fingerbot. My question is once I’ve integrated the fingerbot to HA, is it possible to have it appear on Alexa so I could setup a routine from there and most importantly the ability to use voice commands on the fingerbot? Thanks for the help.

If you have a Home Assistant Cloud subscription you should be able to expose any entities created by the Switchbot integration to Alexa and control them with voice commands. They should also be available for use in Alexa routines.

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Hello thank you for the response. What would be my alternatives if I don’t have the subscription? I read earlier on another thread that HA can email you as a notification but I am not sure if thats behind a paywall as well.

I’ve never tried it, but there is an integration called Emulated Hue which is supposed to trick Alexa into thinking that HA is a Philips Hue hub.

For email, there is a Googlemail integration:

Nabucasa or Home Assistant cloud is just an easy and ready approach. You can do all yourself and connect home assistant instance to Alexa and Google home.

Without subscription? How?

Get a duckdns domain, set up ssl with nproxy addon, redirect https port in your router to local home assistant ip. Now you have https enabled external facing hole assistant. This is a hard requirement for alexa and google home integration.

Following alexa integration setup, create an AWS developer account, upload a script to define home assistant and setup your own alexa skill for your own home assistant instance.

Similar steps are required for google home.