Switchbot LED light strip into HA possible?

i have this LED strip. it does work over wifi and uses the Switch bot app.

any chance we can integrate the strip into HA? officially it is not but i wouldnt be surprised if someone did already.

Timing is everything…

…check the 2022.9.0 release notes :wink:

looks like it still requires my host to have a bluetooth connection as seen in the doc SwitchBot - Home Assistant
i was hoping HA can control the LED strip via wifi, like my Shelly RGBW2. so i upgraded to 2022.9.0 as you recommended.
tried the integration and failed. :frowning:

Yup, BLE required. I think you need their hub for wifi?

for now, im controlling the Switchbot LED strip via wifi using the Switchbot app.

happy to say i got it working now thanks to this video How to control your Switchbot LED strip locally via Bluetooth! - YouTube
and a spare bluetooth adapter i found in the house.

strangely, turning the LED strip on or off is not reliable. the USB bluetooth is only 14 ft away from the LED strip but sometimes turning it on/off, it does not respond at all. is this a bluetooth issue or the LED strip?

For anybody wanting to do this using API rather than bluetooth I have yaml files for Light Strip here:

does this work locally? or always require the light strip be connected online to work?

Unfortunately it does require the internet to connect to the API. It’s the only connection method I am aware of without using Bluetooth. I suspect there is a way to connect with WiFi directly using the hub. But I have not got that far yet.