Switchbot Lock (bluetooth) error: 190 (SOLVED)

Hey all,
I am trying to configure the switchbot lock over the Switchbot bluetooth intergration.
already have the curtains and the bot running but get this error for the lock:

i tried to configure next to the bluetooth proxy and the pyswitchbot method to find the credentials without any succes.

Any of you guys got the same problem?

Looks like other folks have had similar issues. A couple possible solutions too.

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Thx for the reply.
saw this issue earlier, already tried a couple of these solutions.
unfortunely nothing fixed it…


were you able to resolve it? I have the same problem.

I have a bluetooth proxy with ESP32. My HA detect my lock but when i try to configure it show me the same error (API: 190")

I have tried with pyswitchbot but it show me the same error “Switchbot API: 190”


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We made a issue on GitHub.
Hopefully there is a fix soon.

The bug is fixed.
its now able to configure within the switchbot bluetooth intergration.