Switchbot lock can't open the door

I installed switchbot lock through a BT proxy with ESP32.
Everything worked out.

To open my front door you have to give the key two turns and then half a turn which opens the door for you.

Using the official App, if you press “unlock” you are asked if you just want to give the two turns or if you want to open the door completely. So you can enter without having the keys in tow.
With home assistant it is only possible to give two turns and therefore the door remains closed and you always need to use the key to enter.

Hello did you get this working in HA? I’ve the smae problem.
In practice there are only this service calls available:
The lock.open is missing… this would be “unlatch” or in italian “scrocco”.

Thank you!

It was add in release 2023.9.0 just enable night latch feature in app. Then the lock will provide service Lock: Open.

  • Switchbot nightlatch feature

Thanks for your work!!
But i can’t see nothing news in the device panel.

HA Core 2023.9.2

You should see new round button for trigger open action in lock entity dialog.

If you have night latch feature enabled in switchbot app and do not see this button in HA. Maybe detection in pyswitchbot lib not work for all lock firmwares. Can you provide information lock firmware verison if this is the case. I am on 6.5.

I waited for the new batteries to arrive to try.
A little laggy but it works!
Thank you!