Switchbot mesh?

Hello all,

I’ve picked up a couple of Switchbots and they seem to individually work well with the hass component. Other topics complain about speed issues etc, not for me. Response is very quick.

Here’s my issue - range. My hass server is down in a cabinet and pretty remote from where I want to use the switches. Now, Switchbot claims that the individual bots form a mesh (without their hub which I don’t have) so, I wonder if the hass component could be made to use this mesh?

I have placed one SB within range of my HA server and the other (probably within range of a mesh) but of course it shows as “unavailable” to HA since it’s out of range of the primary BT dongle on the server. I was hoping that the signal would be passed through the mesh to the second SB - I think that’s how it works with the zwave mesh.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

By the way - it’s possible that the mesh already works, however, it’s not really possible to test it since I can’t request to turn on the farther away SB due to “unavailable” in the HA app. I suppose the HA component would need to be aware that it can ask one SB to tell another to activate or rather tell the “mesh” that botB should activate even if only botA can be seen at the moment.