Switchbot meter does not update


I have 3 switchbot meters which had been integrated on HA sometimes ago. Until a couple of days ago, I never have any kind of problems.

Now they are not anymore updating the temperature and humidity on Home assistant. On the native app I can see the actual data while inside home assistant it is the same since a couple of days. In these days there were some updates in HA, I am not sure if they stopped working after that updates.

Any suggestion how to check the problem and solve it?

I have the same problem. Everything seems to have quit working after doing some updates this week. I’m going to try and plug in a backup from a week or two ago and see what happens. I also am experiencing 3 of 4 meters not updating. Super frustrating after the amount of time I spent researching humidity meters to find one that was reliable.

After much frustration and banging my head against the wall, I came across some posts indicating that bluetooth devices and 2.4Ghz wi-fi can cause interference with each other. In this particular location I had several smart switches connected to the 2.4G network mixed with many of the Switchbot bluetooth meters.

Since the router wasn’t located close to the installation, I relocated it to just outside of the room. This, along with switching the raspberry pi I run HAOS on over to the 5G network immediately resolved all of the communication issues between the Switchbot meters and the Pi.

I’m embarrassed how long it took me to come to that conclusion <facepalm> but hopefully that will help someone out there with similar issues.