Switchbot Meter Plus battery sensor unavailable

I am using the official Switchbot Bluetooth integration with 3 Switchbot Meters and 1 Switchbot Meter Plus.

All sensors are for the Swichbot Meters (non-Plus) are showing up in Home Assistant. For the Switchbot Meter, the battery sensor shows Unavailable while temperature and humidity show up fine.

Looking at this review, the battery sensor for the Switchbot Meter Plus battery sensor is working.

Has anhyone else seen this problem? Any suggestions?

Had the same issue with Switchbot temperature sensor. But here it was only applicable for three out of nine sensors.

I’m using the shellys as bluetooth connector for receiving the status of switchbot meters. By changing shelly bluetooth settings to active for “enable bluetooth” and “enable rpc” and disable “enable bluetooth gateway” I get battery status received for all the switchbot thermometers.

In Home Assistant activated the active scanning mode, even the shelly bluetooth rpc mode is passive only.

Which device are you using to receive bluetooth information of the switchbot devices? Maybe the wrong mode is activated only.

Thanks. I’m away from the flat where I have the Meter Plus, but I will check when I’m back. I also have several Shellys, so that might be were the issue lies.