Switchbot Mini or Broadlink RM4?

I would like to replace my Harmony Hub with something better.

IR devices to be controlled include:

Denon AVR-3808 receiver
Verizon Fios set top box
Roku box

Which would be best: Switchbot Mini or the Broadlink RM4?


Don’t know Switchbot, but the Broadlink integration is local/wi-fi, which may be a plus for you.

You have to “teach” it the IR commands from the original remote control (if you don’t have the remote, you’re stuck). This can be a bit laborious if there are a lot of them, but you only have to do it once. On/off commands can be configured as switches in HA, otherwise you have to “send” the code with an automation or script.

I don’t know if I have ANY of the original remotes.

I guess I was imagining that these devices would either look up the codes online for any given device or have some sort of self-learning process.

Uh oh.

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You may be able to get a “universal” remote which covers some of your devices, just to teach the commands to the Broadlink. They’re not very expensive.

Something like this:


if your Harmony still works, you can use that to teach the Broadlink.

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It does still work.

Is is an easy process to have the Broadlink learn from the Harmony?

Not really. Or, rather, it’s explicitly a bit less “magical” than you might be hoping, like where there’s a glossy cloud service with a proprietary database of vendor IR codes and it “just works” (as long as you keep using their service).

Instead, for the HA integration it’s rather literally a process of capturing the codes as strings and assembling automations, scripts and helpers as YAML using those strings. There are also various online collections that can help.

As above, the process of removing the magic is a little tedious, but afterwards you don’t have to rely on that magic at all.

Thanks very much.

So do you think it’s a smart move to switch from Harmony from RM4?

Is ESP-Home out of question?
There are a few ESP based transceivers on aliexpress that works fine.

This one is flashed with Tasmota but can easily be converted to ESP-Home.

These need a TTL flasher for the first flash but are a bit smaller.
I unsoldered the IR diode and extended it out to where I needed it making it “invisible”