SwitchBot Remote Button

I’d love to use my SwitchBot Remote button to run HomeKit scenes or even just change the status of devices in HASS. Is this something that could be added to the SwitchBot integration? IFTTT doesn’t seem to have a trigger for when the button is pressed, so no workaround there.

Why can’t you do that with an automation?

What would that look like? I’m not sure how the button press would leave the SwitchBot Hub and be picked up by HASS or anything else.

You use this integration to get your switchbot into home assistant as a switch:

Does that also work with this product? I was under the assumption that the above integration was only for the “button pusher” product.

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Ah I see. I thought you had the switch. You could try it an see.

Thought I might revive this now Bluetooth is so advanced in Home Assistant now.
Switchbot have a 2 button remote control called a Switchbot remote. If this request was not for that device, or similar device, then let me know.
I see plenty of uses for this remote, including on/off for lights, fans, etc or even for controlling windows/blinds or for setting temperatures for thermostats remotely.
Lots of uses.


Same here … whould be nice to use the two Buttons of the SwitchBot Remote inside Home Assistant.

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Has anyone found any work around or an alternative remote button even ?

I want to use Switchbot button for trigger of automation by integration.
Plz someone add function to integration. :pray: