Switchbot Smart Plug

Anyone have this smart plug and successfully integrated with HA? The description states it can check the current & power consumption. This is what I am mostly interested in.

About this item:

**Easy to SetupThe smart plug can be downloaded at the free SwitchBot app and connect directly to your home Wi-Fi, and it is connected.
**Convenient: Manage your appliances and lights with your smartphone anytime, anywhere, and check your appliances on and off, and switch the power on and off by remotely controlling the power on or off. For example, turn on the fan or humidifier before home.
**[Bulk Management] You can set schedules, timers, countdowns, and set it to suit your lifestyle. In addition, you can turn on and off your appliances connected to multiple plugs.
**Energy saving and energy: You can check and control the current and power consumption and turn on and off your appliances from your destination. No need to worry about forgetting to turn your appliances. By automatically turning off your household appliances and electricity according to your schedule, you can save money and easily.
**Expand Your Possibilities: You can use your appliances in conjunction with Alexa, Google Home, and Siri. Combine with IFTTT or SwitchBot series products to set conditions and enjoy different scenes.

I have the SwitchBot Smart Plug Mini with HomeKit Support but the current and power consumption on appear to be available within the SwitchBot.app


Home Assistant via HomeKit Controller

my esp32 project now supports plug mini and power monitoring if you are interested