Switched und outlet-metered 19" rack-mount PDU supported by Home Assistant?

I am currently looking into a power supply for my 19" server rack that supports outlet-metered (measure power consumption on each port individually) and switchable (on/off control for each port) via IP and is easy to integrate into home assistant?

Hardware-wise I found GUDE products that support my needs … but I am not sure about how to integrate them into HA…

I prefer CyberPower PDU’s, though, and if you want to integrate those, you may have to use SSH, perhaps via SSH Integration - Connect your servers to Home Assistant

Managed to integrate the GUDE PDU … works with MQTT!

i have a gude pdu too, how did you do it?

thanks a lot for your feedback
i have got a older one
the Gude Expert Power Controll 8220

think i will have to go over snmp

… or try contact GUDE support. They have been super helpful in my case.