Switches remain ON even when disconnected from electrical outlets

Hello guys,

I’ve been using the HA for about a year and recently added a smart switch also on my iron, it works great and I’m able to check the consumption and turn it off, thus reducing a chance of forgetting it turned on causing any accidents, which problem I’m facing is my smart switch keep’s ON even when unplugged along with my iron from electrical outlet. So is it a problem with this smart switch or the HA? Anyone else got same problem or managed to resolve?


Olá Pessoal,

Estou usando o HA há cerca de um ano e recentemente adicionei um interruptor inteligente também no meu ferro, funciona muito bem e posso verificar o consumo e desligá-lo, reduzindo assim a chance de esquecê-lo ligado causando qualquer acidentes, o problema que estou enfrentando é que meu interruptor inteligente continua ligado mesmo quando desconectado junto com meu ferro da tomada elétrica. Então, é um problema com este switch inteligente ou com o HA? Alguém mais teve o mesmo problema ou conseguiu resolver?


What kind of smart outlet is it?

if its zwave or zigbee It might take a while for the system to recognize that its offline and then mark it as unavailable.

Try waiting longer to see if it goes to that state.

`Thanks for your reply @finity.
The smart switch is Zigbee.

For how much could be this while approximately because it’s been like this since last Tuesday when I ironed my clothes.`

Have a look the iron History <from Tue 23 to Sat 27>:


As you can see the power is 0W which means the iron is not working, but the history still turn on. It doesn’t make sense.

@finity, the pic below is showing 0W power that I metioned before.


That shows the switch (smart outlet?) is on but the attached device is drawing no power.

is the switch (smart outlet?) actually on and the iron is actually off?

or is the smart outlet actually unplugged from the power source itself and should be showing as unavailable?

I’m still not sure which thing is unplugged. the outlet or the iron or both?

If it’s the outlet itself that’s unplugged I find that zigbee system can be less than reliable about updating it’s status when the power is removed. I have a zigbee light bulb that gets it’s power turned off regularly ( :angry: ) and it can take hours sometimes for the system to recognize that it’s unavailable.

If it’s taking days to show as unavailable that seems excessive.

is the switch (smart plug?) really on and the iron really off?
- It is exactly what showing on imgs I’ve shared, logically you’re right it really seems that is happening, but… not what happens physically, believe me BOTH are currently disconnected from the electrical outlet since last Tuesday.

or is the smart plug actually disconnected from its own power supply and should show up as unavailable?
- That’s exactly what I expected to happen, but even unplugged it shows up on HA as it were ON.

I’m still not sure which thing is disconnected. the plug or the iron or both?
- The right answer are BOTH, literally everything is OFF.

If it’s the outlet itself that’s unplugged, I think the zigbee system might be less reliable in updating its status when power is removed. I have a zigbee lamp that is regularly turned off ( :angry: ) and sometimes it can take hours for the system to recognize that it is unavailable.
- Yeah! I’m finding same, this problem happens when I removed the iron when still powered on along zigbee smart switch. But apparently it isn’t too smart.