Switches that have "smart bulb" mode that can switch to "dumb" mode when HA is down?

I’ve got a lot of Z-wave switches, a mix of Zooz and Inovelli. There’s not really anything out there for z-wave bulbs, so I’m mostly using dumb bulbs for now, but am looking to move most things to have adjustable color temperature, if not RGBW, going forward.

I’d prefer options for bulbs that I can directly associate with the Zwave switch, so they continue to work even if the Zwave network is down and also react more quickly, but that’s not likely to be an option with the mix of bulb shapes and sockets I’m going to be working with.

For what I need I’m most likely to end up with at least some WLED/ESPHome controlled lights, even if I did try to switch over to Zigbee switches.

I really would like to find some either zigbee or zwave smart switches with some kind of ‘hybrid’ smart bulb mode. What that means is that, assuming the Z-wave controller or zigbee coordinator are up, the switch should always keep the circuit at full power. If, however, the controller or coordinator is unreachable, it would behave as though the attached bulbs are dumb bulbs and actually cut the power when turned off.

Is there something out there that exists with this capability?

Like I said above, even if I’m swapping out every switch to zigbee, I’m still going to have some light sources that aren’t Zigbee. If HA is still up, but WiFi is down, I think I can set up automatons to change the switch parameters, I’m mainly concerned for cases where HA is down (intentionally or not) and there wasn’t an opportunity to adjust switch settings in advance.

Don’t think there’s any for zigbee or zwave switches. Definitely doable on esphome

Have a look at tasmesh, you can still control your light for dimming/temp/rgb change from the switch even with the router or ha offline