Switches with different IDs processed as switches with the same ID

I have the following code in my switches.yaml:

- platform: rfxtrx
  signal_repetitions: 2
      name: bedroom_light_bed_d
      name: bedroom_light_bed_m
      name: bedroom_light_floor_d
      name: bedroom_light_floor_m 

The issue is that device with id 0710000045030000 seems to be in conflict with the device with id 0710050045030000. In fact the latter device is even ignored and not registered as such in home assistant.

Both switches have the same home/unit code (E3 = 4503), but correspond to different wall switches of different brands (0004 vs 5004) it looks like only this part of the id is used as primary key.

The above results in:

When I change the home/unit code (e.g. to ‘4504’) the switch is registered correctly.

Simple question: is this recognized as intended behavior?

Thanks, Dennis

Btw: running hassbian with HA v0.98.5 on a RPI3.