Switching all sensors off - is this practical or even sensible?

I have, like most people here I expect, a whole pile of zigbee contact and motion sensors (using ConBee II) and other camera sensors and the like, around my house. Now, in a normal day, I see in the logbook hundreds of events coming in every hour, if people are moving around the house, hundreds of entries a minute. I’m still a newbie to HA, so excuse me if this is obvious, but I’m thinking that this is power hungry for all those poor little batteries. :slight_smile:

Never mind the light controllers, and the door bell, and such, I have in mind mostly the door contact and motion sensors.

My thought process goes something along the lines of "maybe I can switch the sensors “off”, when I’m at home, and the alarm system is switched off for example. Maybe this is a silly idea, as I also have the background thought that the system is designed to be low power use with the RPI-4 in the first place. It just seems like a lot of needless scurrying about, unless eg; the alarm system is switched on.

Am I being worried about nothing?


But as to your “practicality” I don’t even know of a way to “switch off” the sensors anyway except to constantly pull and replace the batteries. I’m sure that’s something I definitely wouldn’t want to contemplate doing all the time.

So I wouldn’t worry about it.

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That’s more or less what I thought, so thanks for confirming that. @finity

One to strike off my worry list :+1:

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