Switching from (heavily modified) core to os

Hey guys,

Im running a pretty modified core-hass, but im at a crossroad now.
Due to some errors/integrations I cant update from 2021.12.10 to the new 2022.xxx.
I run a lot of automation’s in my home and my family is used to it, and frankly I love home assistant.
Running automatic heating and hydration for the living/bed/babyroom, to automatic robo-vacuum when home-alarm is a armed.
Notifications for me and my wife when its almost lunch and were within a certain distance from each other so we can have lunch together or text to speech messages warning my children that they left the door open when the heating is on.
I love it!.

But the thing is,I really want to make it easier for me to stay up to date without it being an almost weekly job to keep it running.
I run core on a Rpi4 but that one also has plex running and a lot of other services.

I want to switch over to an rpi3 dedicated for HassOS.
I fully understand that when I switch to hassOS, it’s best to start over.
My current core has 22 standard integrations, 10 HACS integrations, 12 HACS frontends, 18 scenes and 20+automations.
As you may understand are there any things I can copy over, convert, save from core to os, or do you guys say best is to start from zero?

I’m curious why you would downgrade from rpi4 to rpi3. Why not spin up another SD/SSD for the rpi4 and go from there?

If it’s because Plex isn’t available inside HAOS, the below repository might help you.

I think the best question for you at the moment is what integrations/services wont be available in HAOS vs core. Especially in relation to one’s that are causing errors.

There is a fair bit that could be copied over. Especially automations and scripts(if you keep the same devices/entity naming schemes).

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thank you for your reply.
I understand your first question, to be honest, Id rather would indeed switch the rpi4 to run haos, but i’m also running plex, radarr, sonarr, bazarr, sabnzbd.

Now that repo is indeed promising!

The current integrations that cause errors in core 2022 is a nest thermostat and a Satel home-alarm integration, both of which I rely upon.

Thank you again.

Ahh can’t help with nest or satel, but it would definitely be worth checking they aren’t causing issues in HAOS too…

The repo should probably have you covered otherwise.


What would be the best way to check out troubling integrations regarding os? I tried searching this community but I get a lot of search results, not specifically OS related.

Not sure for satel.
Nest was mentioned abit in the blog comments on the previous release I think. Github issues would be another place to look. I’m not sure if the nest issue is specific to core… HAOS might be running into the same problem.

You have the rpi3, could spin up HAOS and check directly if nest and satel are going to be an issue, before moving the rpi4 over…

You can very likely restore a backup from one HA install to the other. And if you can’t, you could run both in parallel for a day or so to migrate everything (if things are in the GUI, use the three vertical dots on the right to edit and YAML for easy copy paste).
You could run Plex and all of the other items as containers on a HAOS install, or you could use the container install for HA, rather than using the 3B.

true that, although the rpi 3 has pihole, wireguard and unbound running. But those I can run without a day or so just to test things!

Thank you,

Yes, I was thinking about running dual installations.
Also, from what I understand, because HA is my main focus, I figure running a HAOS with these other services (plex,radarr,etc) as a second priority would be the best way to go, but please correct me if I’m wrong regarding this.

I think it depends on what you mean by that statement.

Are you saying that you have gone into the HA core files themselves and made modifications?

Or are you saying you have a standard HA Core install and in addition to that you have added a bunch of other apps to the base OS to run outside of HA itself?

If it’s the former you can’t switch to HA OS and have the same ability to modify the HA Core files because the OS is pretty limited and locked down for modifications.

If it’s the latter you have more abilities to add apps if they are available as add-ons or possibly other Docker containers that you can install using the Portainer add-on…if you know how. But you still can’t apps directly to the OS since it’s limited access.

Why are spending so much time maintaining the system?

Basically HA stores everything in $CONFIG, so the start point is to back that up.