Switching from Home Assistant supervised on Rpi4 with RaspiOS (64 bit) to HASSOS without losing data

Dear Cognoscenti,
I am running out of energy to keep up with maintaining HA supervised in Docker on Raspberry Pi OS, particularly as my HA Supervisor is no longer loading. I am planning to switch to Hassos. The software is currently running on an SSD and I don’t use an SD card.
Please could you advise if I can keep all the bits of HA that I have customised? I know I can copy my yaml files of automation, groups, sensors, templates etc. But can I copy other things, like the Z-wave JS add on, and the ESPHome add on? Can I copy a full backup to another machine, and then restore the file?
And, is it possible to load Hassos onto an SSD in the same way the RPi OS can be loaded?
Thank you very much for your advice.

Yes. This is the recommended path. Wors great. Backup > copy > restore.

Just remember to turn off the old box and keep it off the network before yiu restore to the new and do not change any config in the new until you validate it works and won’t be going back. For fail back planning If something is wrong, turn off new, go back to old

Thank you NathanCu for your quick reply. Unfortunately I don’t have a spare computer. What I could do is use a spare 32GB SD card to load up HassOS and prove it works. Then copy it over to the SSD.

If that’s the case then go with what you’ve got.

I personally yanked my old SSD out of my Pi and replaced it with a new one and did my HAOS install there, keeping my old SSD as the back out plan. I did have to use the procedure to flash the Pi to boot directly from SSD to get it to work but once that was in place it was easy, image the SSD, dummy install boot, copy backup, restore. Reboot a couple times. Good.