Switching from the SONOFF Zigbee Dongle to SkyConnect

I must admit I bought the SkyConnect dongle without doing any due-diligence when Nabu Casu announced it during a stream. I’m very glad it arrived. I however have two questions perhaps someone who did do their due-diligence can easily answer:

  1. Will the SkyConnect Dongle work with Zigbee2MQTT for Zigbee?
  2. How is the migration process? Can I simply replace the SONOFF Dongle for the SkyConnect or will I have to reconfigure a lot.
  1. Supported Adapters | Zigbee2MQTT
  2. How do I migrate from one adapter to another?
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Probably worth checking out SkyConnect not finding devices - #5 by JohnMoor

Not seeing the SkyConnect so guessing for now it’s a no-go.

Thanks for those links!

Seems like it is only recognized in ZHA.

Yeah, I bought it for when it gets the Matter update. Since that’s not now, perhaps at that time Zigbee2MQTT will also support it. Or maybe it can be run just for Matter and keep two separate dongles.

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Do you mean on the supported list? Or you are not seeing it when plugged in?

I don’t know if anyone has confirmed SkyConnect with z2m yet. As an SI Labs EZSP based board, SkyConnect should be compatible despite any list that might need updating.


EZSP support is still maturing in z2m.

The TI CC2652 family is easily the best supported/most preferred option for z2m. I can’t see any benefit in switching to the SkyConnect if you are on that family of chip.

If on an older cc2531 chip it may be worthwhile, but you will need to re-pair. A cc2652 stick would be a better option, which you wouldn’t need re-pairing.

If on Conbee it’s probably worthwhile, but again, you will need to re-pair.

That’s ultimately my plan for Thread. My zigbee net is too stable, too big, and too important to risk testing en masse on a new platform.

I think we’re easily a year or more away for me even caring about testing Thread. When the time comes I’l run dual z2m’s or ZHA/z2m side by side and migrate in an orderly fashion if I decide to combine Zigbee/Thread radios. Unless there is something unkown under the covers about the SkyConnect, I’d prefer the Sonoff ZBDongle-E just from a hardware build perspective (external antenna, case, etc). Of course by that time we’ll likely have another brand new shiny chip.

Not seeing it in the list at this moment. And as I have a stable Zigbee network, not going to play arround with it.

Yeah, I think I got the SkyConnect a bit to much as an impulse buy for now. :slight_smile:

I have the same thing I think. It started out as such a few devices next to my Hue Zigbee network that I brought into Home Assistant. But these days it’s become quite a lot and more and more are kind of ‘critical’ for the operation of my home. Nothing exceptional, but a lot of automations find at least one zigbee device in there.