Switching MQTT brokers

I’ve been using zigbee2mqtt for a few years now off of a pi using a local MQTT broker on the pi. I now have some other systems I want to configure MQTT for HA. Seeing as I can only add a single broker to HA, I’d like to make HA my main MQTT broker and use that for both zigbee2mqtt as well as other integrations that use MQTT.

My question is migrating zigbee2mqtt over to the new broker; will my entities all change? Meaning I’d need to reconfigure all my dashboards and automations using my zigbee devices?

No they don’t. Zigbee2MQTT uses the device IEEE address as main identifier (similar to a MAC address on network devices), and that does not change when you change brokers.

Ok, good to know! Thanks for the explanation. I’ll give it a shot.

All you should really need to do is make sure your other devices can communicate via mosquitto.

You won’t need to change brokers - at most, you’ll need to install MQTT explorer on your PC to troubleshoot any issues which might crop up.

Yeah, I could use the mosquitto broker on the pi already, but I figured that if I start adding more services that use MQTT, I’d rather shift the broker away from the pi while I’m at it. At a later time, I might switch over to ZHA on a HA yellow and that would be one more thing I wouldn’t have to worry about changing.