Switching poe devices via automation


I have some poe devices (e.g. Unifi acess points or Reolink cameras) which I only require to run some hours a day.
Is there any way to switch them off via automations to save some power? I am thinking of something like a relais which can switch connections off.

I figured out that Unifi poe switches have the option to diable poe portwise via Hass, but theese switches are quite expensive. Currently I am running an unmanaged Netgear switch and actually its running fine though.


Maybe, maybe not.

It is very likely the PoE standard you are using has power on the signalling pairs, and while it does not matter if you interrupt these (as the power to the camera will be off anyway) it is highly unlikely you will be able to maintain the characteristic impedance and common mode noise rejection of the cable pairs when wiring them through a relay. This will lead to poor speeds.

If you still want to try this you will need to know which PoE standard you are using, then switch the two DC+ lines with relays.

Make sure to keep the amount of untwisting of the pairs to an absolute minimum.

A better alternative would be to purchase a cheap PoE injector for each camera and switch the power to that with a smart plug.

Or even better, use one smart plug to switch off power to your PoE network switch. You would just have to move the devices you want always on to another network switch. 8 to 16 port Gb unmanaged network switches are quite cheap.

This is the route I would go to make things more manageable and easier to setup in the long run. In the event you have a managed PoE switch that has an integration to control individual ports you should be able to turn those on and off as needed at a per device level.

They do not:


thanks for your approaches - its seems to be quire straight forward just to turn off the switch with a smart plug.
I indeed have a small 8 port poe desktop switch which could do that.
On the long run I will go for a unifi poe switch to individually switch poe power.

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