Switching smart bulbs with start-up behavior

Dear home automationists,

I’m relatively new to HA and just got rid of all my bridges in favour of ZHA and a Sonoff coordinator last week. I want to keep my smart systems straight forward and only have smart bulbs in the living room and bed room. All other rooms have/will be/en outfitted with smart relais to control the dumb bulbs.
I still haven’t found a switching solution for my smart bulbs though. I initially wanted to use the LED TRADING Push Button Coupler but due to it being ZigBee Green Power it is not compatible with ZHA.
I did notice that in the ZHA configuration menu of my Hue lights there is a ‘start-up behavior’ ‘toggle’ mode which could theoretically be used with inverted dumb toggle switches to control the lights. The issue is that some of my lights need upwards of 5 seconds of no power to then be toggled on after power on. Because I rarely need the switches myself (mostly guests that use them) I would be fine with a delay if it wasn’t for the need to pushing the button down for those seconds.

So my questions are:

  1. Is there a relatively cheap option of switch coupler that works with ZHA?
  2. Is there a electric circuit that extends the power off impulse of an inverted toggle switch?
  3. Is there a way to drain residual power out of the system to make the toggle quicker?

Any help or guidence is appreciated and I’m open to suggestions.

Thanks and all the best,

Could you not just use Hue/IKEA(others available) ZigBee switch with your ‘smart’ bulbs?

I thought about that, but I would like to keep the original switches of the. Hence why I asked if there is a (mains) powered switch coupler I could use with my old switches.

Thank you for you suggestion though!