Switching zwave controllers and having back up and restore issue

Going from homeseer g3 USB 700 controller (sillicon Labs) to zooz 800 stick and when attempting to restore my back up in zwave JS U I get red popup with this message.

Error while calling restoreNVM: Did not find a matching NVM 500 parser implementation! Make sure that the NVM data belongs to a controller with Z-Wave SDK 6.61 or higher. (ZW0280)

Please tell me that I don’t have to rebuild entire network ???

Restores to 800 don’t work. There are other methods posted here you can find.

Well after much reading it looks like its comes down to SDK package is where problem is. My zooz is on 7.19.3 and my homeseer g3 is on 7.18.3. I wonder if i bring them back to even SDK if it will work?

You cannot downgrade firmware, so you’ve have to upgrade the HomeSeer, and they don’t provide a new version.

My understanding is that Z-Wave JS doesn’t understand the NVM format for the 800-series, so there’s no workaround, it needs a code fix. If there was a workaround, I’m sure that issue would have already produced one by now.