Hey guys! Sorry if I’m on the wrong forum but totally new to the smart home stuff and modifying. But I was interested if there was a way to switch out swithcmates BLE to Wi-Fi using the basic esp8266 chip. I know that wouls draw more power but if I wanted to do that how would that be done? Anuone willing to help. Im a student and renting so I’m on a budget and cant do anything permanent. Thanks ahead!! :smiley:

I looked into this previously, but the current required to keep the ESP8266 running would drain the batteries in a very short amount of time (a couple of days if I recall correctly).

If you still want to do this, I’d recommend leveraging the deep sleep capabilities of the ESP8266. Here are two images showing the inside of the 1st gen “toggle” model:

In the simplest form it is just 3 buttons and a motor. Two of the buttons are used as position sensors, and the third button just tells the motor to actuate up or down based on the current resting position.

For what it’s worth, I have my Switchmate working in Home Assistant using a command line switch along with a python3 script: https://github.com/dale3h/switchmate/tree/python3