Switzerland / Basel - Meetup? also ordering Sticker

Good evening fellow HA enthusiasts!

I was wondering, if there are any Meetups in Basel or near Basel? I couldn’t find any while quickly googling it. Are there some people interested in creating a meetup or attending to one?

I also wanted to order some stickers of the HA logo for myself but the minimu order volume is 60 stickers so would anybody be interested in some stickers? I would only send them to people in switzerland or give them away at the meetup if that would happen. Propably I just going to need a few bucks for my expenses and the shipping, I don’t want to make money of of it!

Please let me know.



Would definitely be interested in a meetup but Basel is 2 hours away :frowning: For the stickers, what’s the price for one sticker and what size do they have?

Very nice idea but as @Burningstone I’m two hours away of Basel so a little far for a meetup :frowning: Would it be in english ? to get maximum audience and people or swiss german (which would be a no go for me as I speak only french and english !) ??

Hi, i am also interested. I live in Bern so more or less 1h from basel.