Sylvania 71831 lamps

Hello everyone,
Do you have use Sylvania 71831 lamps? I got couple of them at a thrift store for $1.

I noticed that they emit very low pitch but still audible buzzing. I could hear it closer to the lamp, but my wife says that she can hear it at night and for this reason they can’t stay in bedroom.

If you have them, have you observed the same situation?

Also in terms of firmware, it shows “installed_version”: 1057024, while “latest_version” is 1057832. I usually don’t update firmware of devices unless it is absulutely necessary. I did some googleing and see the following open issue at Z2M github

Couple of more questions. In Z2M, device->exposes section I see following entry - Effects

However selecting any of them does nothing with the bulb.

Then, Z2M page about this device says following

On with timed off ``
When setting the state to ON, it might be possible to specify an automatic shutoff after a certain amount of time. To do this add an additional property on_time to the payload which is the time in seconds the state should remain on. Additionnaly an off_wait_time property can be added to the payload to specify the cooldown time in seconds when the light will not answer to other on with timed off commands. Support depend on the light firmware. Some devices might require both on_time and off_wait_time to work Examples : {"state" : "ON", "on_time": 300}, {"state" : "ON", "on_time": 300, "off_wait_time": 120}

But I don’t see how to set this and other options mentioned on the documentation page. Ideas?